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TRAMES Onlus participates in community programs in cooperation and exchange with other European countries and we provide cultural support and services. Also, through the International projects we promoted the participation of young people and carried out the collaboration with other Public Institutions.

TRAMES aims at improving the quality of protection and enhancement of natural resources and heritage as well as raising awareness about the importance of preserving environment and cultural heritage.

The experts supports the European initiative for to develop the network project for the stakeholders and supports projects of inter-regional cooperation for the inter-municipal and School European networks: meeting place for all participants, share experiences and compare projects. The experts provides advisory for EU project and cultural activities.

We promote, conduct research on various aspects and is particularly interested in the cultural heritage and social inclusion, environmental conditions on building, monuments and landscape.

Much of this work applies a rigorous approach to practical problem solving, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration.

A particular interest has been in developing new analytical social services in favour of community and youth participation and development. 

All the staff (experts, youth workers, psychologist, learners, teachers, volunteers, etc.) involved in the European Cooperaion projects have background and experience in the field of social empowerment of people with special needs and they are participants in other local and national projects about social inclusion.


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